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True Skate
True Skate


  • Platform: Android/iOS

  • Version: 1.5.65

  • Updated: June 26, 2023

  • Size: 175.5 MB

  • Category: Casual,Sports

  • Price: --


True Skate is a popular mobile skateboarding game developed by True Axis. It aims to provide players with a realistic and immersive skateboarding experience through its innovative gameplay and attention to detail. Here's how players can experience realism in True Skate, along with the game's pros and cons, and the suitable age group for the game.

Realism in True Skate:

Touch-based controls: True Skate utilizes touch-based controls, mimicking the feeling of manipulating a skateboard with your fingers. Players use swipes and taps to perform various tricks and movements, replicating the actions required on an actual skateboard.

Realistic physics: The game incorporates realistic physics, including momentum, gravity, and friction. This means that players need to consider these factors while attempting tricks, just like in real-life skateboarding.

Authentic skateparks: True Skate features real-world skateparks with accurate designs and elements. From iconic locations to community-contributed spots, players can explore diverse skate environments, further enhancing the realism.

Trick complexity: The game offers a wide array of tricks that players can learn and master. Performing complex tricks requires skill, timing, and precision, just like in actual skateboarding.

Personalization: Players can customize their skateboards, which is a common aspect of skateboarding culture. This feature allows players to create a unique skateboarding experience that reflects their personal style.

Pros of True Skate:

Realistic gameplay: The game's touch-based controls and physics-based mechanics offer a genuinely immersive skateboarding experience that can appeal to both skateboarding enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport.

Authentic skateparks: True Skate's inclusion of real-world skateparks adds to its appeal by allowing players to virtually visit famous skateboarding spots from around the globe.

Ongoing updates: The developers regularly release new skateparks and content, keeping the game fresh and engaging for players over time.

Creative expression: Customization options enable players to express their creativity by designing unique skateboards that suit their preferences.

Skill progression: As players practice and improve, they can achieve more challenging tricks, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression.

Cons of True Skate:

In-app purchases: While the game itself is not expensive, it includes in-app purchases for additional skateparks and customization options. Some players may find this model frustrating if they prefer a fully unlocked experience upfront.

Limited multiplayer: True Skate's multiplayer functionality is limited, which may disappoint players seeking more social interaction within the game.

Learning curve: Mastering the touch-based controls and pulling off advanced tricks can be challenging for some players, potentially leading to frustration.

Device compatibility: The game may not run smoothly on older or lower-end devices, limiting access for some players.

Suitable age group:

True Skate is generally suitable for players aged 12 and above. The game's realistic physics and complexity require a level of coordination and skill that may be challenging for younger children. Additionally, the game's mild violence (skateboarders occasionally falling off their boards) is better suited for a slightly older audience.

True Skate offers players a unique opportunity to experience the world of skateboarding through realistic gameplay and attention to detail. Its touch-based controls and physics-based mechanics create an immersive experience, while the authentic skateparks and customization options add to the game's appeal. While there are some drawbacks, such as in-app purchases and limited multiplayer functionality, True Skate remains a popular choice for skateboarding enthusiasts and those seeking a realistic virtual skateboarding experience.


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